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We focus on project finishing even beyond our customer’s
expectations. We bring innovation in custom packaging solutions.

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Need A Reliable Packaging Supplier? Choose Us!

We have solid experience to back your brand with the packaging they deserve. From stylish rigid boxes to unique collapsible hybrids, we don’t shy away from anything. Our top priority is your satisfaction and nothing can make us compromise on that. We have designated teams at each point to keep the process smooth for you.

Bringing New And Innovative Ideas Within Your Reach

We are striving to find new and improved ways to help brands present their product better. Not to mention, a dedicated research and development team for anything new that comes our way. If by any chance something new emerges in the market and we aren’t responsible for it, we immediately get on it and ensure we are up to date. Whether you are a corporation looking for a permanent solution or a small start-up, we strive to serve you.

We Don’t Lie To Our Business Partners For Petty Reasons

Our strategy differs from those already around for years. We want our esteemed business partners to have the experience they deserve. We value customer relationships over a one time sale opportunity and so try our best to guide wherever it is required of us. There are a number of companies that will do anything to secure a single order even if they can’t handle the volume.

Lowest Minimums, Maximum Potential

We always prefer to hear what our business partner needs rather than trying to fix them up with something they might never use. So, when some clients are sceptical, we listen and hear them out. It isn’t your fault that you were misguided by some greedy vendor however, we are glad you are here. Let us take care of you and we promise you, we will take care of it. We will print any number of boxes you require without questioning anything.

Is There Anything We Can’t Do?

Yes! Yes there is! We can’t or rather, we won’t establish a deal until we are absolutely sure about being able to pull it off. Don’t believe us? Check out our awesome client history and what they have to say about their experience with us. We let our projects define us. Another big no no at our company is committing to deadlines we know we can’t keep up with.

Fine Printing Paired With Exquisite Styles.

With off-set printing method, we can print over 200+ million colours without so much as a hiccup. The maximum output production goes up to 500,000 units and yes, that number is possible. Always looking into ways to enhance our capabilities, we make sure our tech is up to date.

We Strive To Stay Updated With Printing Techniques And Machinery!

With demand for custom boxes increasing everyday, we tend to keep ourselves updated with state of the art technology. With machines from Germany (they are the best), we pride ourselves in the printing results and methods available at our facility. We don’t outsource your packaging like some companies out there.

Order Quality Packaging Without Worrying About Quantity

We understand, or at least try to understand your requirement as far as product packaging goes. We know how tough it is to order packaging in bulk when all you represent is a startup. We won’t try and push you into buying crazy amounts of boxes just to make a sale at our end. We value business partnership way more than a one time order chance no matter how big it may seem.

Taking A Stand Where It Matters!

We can guarantee that there are no or very few suppliers out there who believe in establishing long term working relationships. We have gone as far as providing the entire packaging run for a brand without charging them first. We believe in going places no one would dare to go. From researching new box styles to finding new possibilities to go eco-friendly, we don’t leave a stone unturned.

Fast Reliable Turnaround

Since we have an in-house production unit capable of handling pretty much anything you ask, we can deliver what we promised, when we promised. Offering a wide range of textured materials, you are truly in packaging heaven. We try to keep turnaround times close to 10 – 12 business days to print and ship them at your doorstep.

Last but not the least, our top of the line quality assurance team inspects every project in depth to ensure promised quality is delivered to you.


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