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Game Boxes

Your game boxes can be custom-designed so that you will attract players to your games through their visual appeal.

What is the Primary Objective of Game Boxes? Deciding the Right Option

Several games require packaging – In Fact, almost 90% of all games come in some packaging. The correct option depends on many factors; Starting, with the total number of components involved in the game, Type of game. Materials Involved in-game components and their weight. Preferred handling method to help decide material for game boxes. Moving on, like there are different games, there are also different variations and specific requirements. These requirements can be generic and sometimes very specific to the material used. Let us go ahead and talk about some game types and the custom packaging options they opt for.

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Different Box Styles for All Sorts of Games

Classic Board Games

Classic board games usually consist of a board, some chips (tokens), and cards. To encase these items, a two-piece rigid box is suitable. Since these boxes are easy to use, they get the top spot for board games.

Moving on, there is the question of what kind of material to use, and this depends on the total weight of all components. A rigid lid-off box is the best option if they are on the heavier side; however, if the components are not that heavy, a 350 gsm flat shipped two-piece box may suffice.

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Material Selection

Material Selection

We suggest the perfect packaging material for your box once you select the box style.

Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

Share your artwork & design; if not, we will design it based on your suggestions.

Start Production

Start Production

Once your artwork is approved, we'll begin production. We will support you at every step.

Card Games With Board and Tokens

During the latest pandemic, a lot of new games emerged. Homemade card games to complex strategy games started popping up from all over the world. This meant the requirement for new options for custom game boxes is increasing. Drawer style, magnetic rigid, flip top and even cigarette style boxes are trending now.

Although, for smaller or foldable board games, a rigid lid-off style box is ideal. It can withstand heavy weights and transit damage (to some extent). These boxes are shipped assembled and are ready to go on delivery.


Playing Card Games

This particular style of games makes the game packaging end very simple to create and manage. A tuck-type box is usually offered by the manufacturer because it is very cost-effective and does the job well. Since there are only cards to the house, tuck boxes are the top preference for some brands. Get custom packaging boxes in Australia as per your requirement.

Jigsaws and Other Puzzle Games

If we talk about the majority, a simple lid-off box is typically used however it is not limited to that. The very modern magnetic closure box is the first choice of buyers for memory games and jigsaws.

Commonly Used Game box packaging For Reference;

–       Tuck End Boxes – These are cardboard boxes often used for retail and product display; tuck end boxes have flaps that fold inward to secure the contents.

–       Lid – Off Rigid Boxes – Assembled premium game boxes for high-end games.

–       Collapsible Lid-Off Boxes – Shipped flat, these boxes need in-house assembly at your end.

–       Magnetic Closure Boxes – High-end jigsaws and puzzle games are usually housed in these fancy boxes. Depending on your requirement, they come in two characteristics. Shipped flat with peel-off adhesive tapes or shipped assembled as per your requirement.

–       Telescoping Boxes – One the most praised box styles due to its elegance and sturdiness. Some designer games prefer this style to stay on top in terms of staying classy.

Concluding What We Discussed So Far

  • Figuring out the right style by finding out the components and type of game is vital,
  • How much the game components weigh helps in deciding the material.
  • Some different games compared with the packaging used to house the components.
  • Overview of common game types with the packaging used followed by reason to choose that option.
  • Concluding the discussion, we look at the game industry’s most commonly used box styles.

Materials & Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are custom game boxes?
    Custom game boxes are specialized packaging solutions tailored for board games, card games, and other tabletop games. These boxes are designed to provide a secure and visually appealing enclosure for game components, ensuring that they are well-protected and organized.
  • Can I customize the design and artwork of my game boxes?
    Absolutely. we offer extensive customization options, allowing you to design the box's artwork, colours, and overall aesthetics. This ensures that your game box aligns with your brand identity and captures the theme or style of your game.
  • What materials are commonly used for custom game boxes?
    Custom game boxes are often crafted from sturdy and durable materials such as cardboard, rigid or corrugated cardboard. The choice of material depends on factors like the weight and size of game components, as well as the desired level of protection.
  • Can Custom Game Boxes accommodate game accessories and expansions?
    Certainly. Custom game boxes can be designed to include compartments, trays, or inserts that accommodate various game accessories and expansions. This ensures that all components are well-organized within the box.
  • Can Custom Game Boxes be used for retail displays?
    Yes, custom game boxes can be designed not only for protection during transportation but also for attractive retail displays. Eye-catching packaging can enhance the shelf presence of your game and attract potential buyers in retail settings.


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