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Tuck Top Boxes

The top flap of a tuck-top box is tucked into the front of the box, creating a secure seal.

Introducing Simplicity with Style: The Tuck Box Family

The best way to introduce tuck top boxes is with an example of them in action. The outer box is almost always similar if you have encountered household items or cosmetic products. It opens from the top and bottom, almost symmetrical, with dust flaps on both ends. This can be defined as a standard tuck-end box.

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Breaking it Down | One Tuck Box at a Time

–       Straight Tuck End 

A simple one-piece box with two wide sides and two narrow sides (stand-up position). The closing tuck flap on the top and bottom are on the same side.  This means that both the top and the bottom flap will close in the same direction, i.e., inwards (front-facing). 

–       Reverse Tuck End

These are almost the same as straight tuck-end boxes, excluding one tiny change. The boxes’ closing tuck flaps (top and bottom) are on opposite sides. This means that the closing flaps do not end up the same way and are opposite. One flap tuck at the front, while one tucks at the back.

–       Tuck Top Auto-Lock 

Also called Tuck End Auto-Bottom, custom product packaging is a gem found for retail products. By far, one of the most accessible assembly options we’ve come across. All you have to do is pop the box into shape and lock-close the bottom. That is it! They are not even two full seconds ready to receive the product.

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Some Industries Revolving around Tuck Top Boxes

There is something special about the tuck-end family because a significant portion of the industry depends on them. In product terms, we are talking about thousands of different products using one or the other tuck box.

–       Cosmetic Industry 

They are mainly using tuck ends (both types) to house any and almost all products. It can be said that cosmetic boxes are the preferred packaging style for most cosmetic brands. 

–       CBD Industry

After so many years of hiding, the CBD business is finally picking up pace, and packaging companies couldn’t be happier. Since most of the CBD products are pre-packaged in a container, the to-go box style for them, too, is, you guessed it, tuck end boxes. They are that cost-effective. 

–       Automotive Industry 

Small automotive parts (not so sensitive) are usually packaged inside a tuck box, either straight tuck or auto-bottom, and are only used for lightweight products like air filters and headlamp bulbs.

Tuck Top Boxes are Wholesome Tool to Sell Your Products

–       Playing Cards 

Yes! Now that you know, it won’t be tough to spot a tuck-type box from afar. Playing card boxes are also tuck end style, usually including a window at the front middle.

–       Pharmaceutical Industry

Though not all, most pharmaceutical products are housed in one or the other cardboard box. Depending on the container, these can switch between tuck auto-lock (tuck auto-bottom) and either of the tuck end boxes. 

–       Hemp and Hemp Related Industries 

Like CBD, hemp products are also encased in these minimalistic and cost-effective boxes. The most preferred box style is the tuck auto-lock because they require minimal assembly.

–       Candle and Incense Industry

Rounded candles are almost always seen in these fancy-looking tuck-end boxes. Beautifully designed, they are bound to leave an impression.

Let us Recap Our Progress So Far

Starting from the basic construction, we figured out the differences and similarities between straight and reversed tuck-end boxes. Followed by a quick overview of the infamous tuck auto-lock box construction and assembly. Toward the end, we named some common industries that use the tuck box family in one way or another. Some huge industries go on that list.

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