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Display Boxes

Put your products on display in a prominent location to catch the attention of customers.

What are Display Style Boxes, and How many Types are Available?

The best definition would be packaging that holds multiple products in an open box for viewing. Usually, the products stored in them are up for sale as a single unit. As far as their location is in concern, they will be placed near the counter at the end.

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Different Types of Display Packaging Options to Choose From

When looking at options to display products on the countertop, the aim is to attract as many customers as possible. The technique has proven helpful over the past few years and has increased demand.

Some famous display box types include the following;

Tuck Display Boxes are one of the most commonly available and preferred styles. It can make in various thicknesses and is pretty cost-effective. Chocolate companies often use them to display their bars right at the checkout. It has a folding top flap doubling down as a box banner.

Snap lock displays are also famous for their cost-effectiveness but offer more weight support. They can manufacture as per requirement and design exactly as you need them. For white cardboard, there are no limitations to print; however, if you are following an eco-friendly path and choose kraft, things might be different.

Auto-Lock Displays are the most hassle-less type to go for. They are self-locking at the bottom, so you must pop the box into shape and put the products in. Just ensure that the weight inside the box is evenly distributed and not focused in the middle. The display tab opens from the front and sticks out to form a banner.

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What is the Right Way to use Inserts with Displays?

Before answering that, let us try and make sense of what inserts are. Inserts are supporting for the product inside the box and provide them with support and protection from transit damage. A small gap between each product inside the box prevents the products from crashing into each other.

If you’ve ever come across a box at a checkout counter with some tall vials sticking out of the box, you may have noticed a piece of cardboard holding them in. This piece of cardboard is the insert and comes in various thicknesses based on your requirement.

All you need to do is measure your product’s length x width x height and let the supplier know how many products you need the box to hold. All the rest will be taken care of by them, and a final design mockup will be sent to you for approval.

What Industries use Display Packaging and Why?

There are numerous industries currently using custom display boxes for show and grab. If we decide to go into detail about each of them, it will take an entire lifetime. So, instead, we will discuss some famous industries of them all.

Pre-Roll Display Boxes 

CBD boxes are hitting the market in a big way, and stores are not yet ready for them. So, they are currently selling in dispensaries, but even there, displays are up. The way pre-roll brands include display packaging boxes in their industry is just fantastic. A single pre-roll is packed within a vial, and that vial is then set into a display box with inserts.

Cosmetic Display Boxes 

Probably one of the most spotted displays in the world is cosmetic boxes. Because there are so many products in the industry, we see many variations in them. Almost the entire cosmetic range has some display packaging, from lip gloss to mascara.

Brands use display-type packaging to showcase their product effectively at the checkout counter to increase sales.

To Sum It Up

The title for the discussion display packaging, and we covered some essential points listed below for skimming.

  1. Defining the box composition and stating a few facts about them.
  2. Details of common types of cardboard display boxes presenting.
  3. Providing effective use and industries that make use of displays were also in brief.
  4. Pre-Roll and cosmetic display boxes are trending to help understand some industries using these packaging solutions.

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