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Magnetic Closure Boxes

Boxes with a magnetic closure mechanism ensure secure closure and luxurious opening, a popular choice for luxury packaging.

The Award for Innovation in Rigid Packaging Goes to Magnetic Closure Boxes

Packaging has evolved along with humans to the point it stands right now. The magnetic closure is one of the most appreciated box styles in the rigid or durable category. These boxes are made from reasonably sturdy material and have hidden magnets to help keep the box closed.

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Understanding The Structure and Working Mechanism

Before defining any of the above, let’s examine how many types are available to work with.

  • Assembled Magnetic Closure
  • Collapsible Magnetic Closure

Assembled Magnetic Closure

A magnetic closure box is made out of reasonably sturdy material that cannot be bent easily. Some key points make them stand out more. Looking at a magnetic closure box for the first time will have you scratch your head. As you try to find the opening flap, you realize how unique these boxes are.

This is no ordinary box and has a flap that rolls over the top and meets at the front end. These boxes are also sometimes referred to as flip-top magnetic jewellery boxes. Moving on, there are two magnets – one at the end of the top flap and one at the base of the bottom tray. Once the lid and the tray meet, the hidden magnets clasp and keep the box closed.

Now that we have construction let’s discuss some design elements and limitations related to magnetic closure packaging. There are two different elements to consider when talking about designing the box. Outside and inside printing options are available, and there are no limits to what can be printed. You can bring a design as complex as it can be to be printed anywhere on the box.

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Material Selection

Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

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Versatility in Magnetic Closure Boxes Makes Them Popular

Last but not least, several add-ons are available for these boxes, including foam inserts, multi-color foiling and spot UV. We are manufacturers of custom printed boxes in Australia. These boxes are shipped assembled and cannot be assembled at your end. They require storage space when ordering in bulk, so always be prepared for that (subject to measurements and quantity of the box).

Collapsible Magnetic Closure

One of the most used options today is the collapsible magnetic closure box. There are several reasons for that result. However, we will only discuss a few important ones.

Collapsible Magnetic Closure boxes are made from the same material as assembled ones. However, some changes are starting from these being shipped flat.

This in no way means the boxes are made out of flimsy material or anything but that they are constructed a little differently. They have the same number of magnets; however, positioning may differ. The most important factor, though, is the cost-effectiveness of these boxes as compared to assembled magnetic boxes.

Talking about construction, the collapsible rigid boxes have peel-off adhesive tapes at four sides or corners of the box. Peel the tape and join the flaps together to build the box. Once constructed, the box cannot be brought back to the flat shape. So, in short, other than the self-assembly in-house and a few structural changes, both options are similar.

Just like assembled collapsible boxes, these boxes have the exact design specifications. They can practically be printed with any design, no matter how complex.

A Quick Overview of Magnetic Closure Boxes

We managed to establish that;

  • There are two magnetic closure boxes: assembled and collapsible.
  • They include magnets that are hidden and act as a closing mechanism.
  • Assembled boxes are shipped that way, while collapsible boxes are shipped flat.
  • The assembled option requires more space compared to collapsible boxes.
  • Explained construction and design are available for both options.
  • Printing inside and outside was discussed as well.

Materials & Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are custom magnetic flip-top boxes?
    This box is crafted from rigid materials. These boxes are used for packaging that is of high quality. An extended flap is integrated into the side wall and flap of the distinguished box’s lid. Thus, the flap automatically closes when it comes near the sidewall.
  • What types of products are best suited to magnetic closure boxes?
    Luxurious, high-end items are packaged in custom magnetic closure boxes such as Electronics, Hardware, Fashion accessories, Jewelry, and Leather accessories.
  • Which types of magnetic closure boxes are available?
    Depending on the folding attribute of the custom magnetic boxes, they can be divided into two categories. A collapsible magnetic closure box is a foldable box of this type. The boxes reduce shipping costs for the clients, thereby saving them money. Assembled magnetic closure boxes are those without folding or collapsing.
  • Can magnetic closure boxes be recycled?
    No! It is not possible to recycle rigid magnetic boxes. The products include many fixtures and finished accessories (e.g., buttons, balloons, magnetic locks, etc.). Despite that, they are reusable.
  • Why do magnetic closure boxes prefer matte lamination?
    Clients often prefer matte lamination since it blends well with corporate materials. Among the many benefits of this lamination type are the following; Richness of colur A protective layer Smudge-free


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