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Medicine Boxes

Preventing medicines from deteriorating is easier when they are packaged in high-quality custom medicine boxes.

Innovative Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

There are some directions to head in. However, there is only one right. Choosing the right option can make or break your brand. Creating custom medicine boxes will help you in several ways, including spreading the message. If you are struggling with using pre-made boxes that barely fit your product, it is time to move past them. The pharmaceutical industry is one of their most significant, growing, and influential. It can influence billions of people with a single product and turn the world over. They lead in almost all sectors, from research and development to sales and marketing. This market trend goes all around the world because they are connecting with the healthcare business more effectively.

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Creating Modern-Day Packaging for Medicine

According to some studies, the pharmaceutical industry plays in trillions of dollars all year round. This makes them one of the most lucrative industries in the entire world. Health controlling boards set some rules.

Medicine packaging is divided into two parts now, the inner packaging containing the drugs and medications with some moisture absorber. This packaging is unique and must be child-proof according to the rules. However, that is not the packaging in question.

The packaging we are going through is commonly referring to cardboard boxes. It covers the child-safe inner packaging and can also be referred to as outer packaging.

According to the regulatory authority, there are also rules for outer packaging. There should be a set of warnings, instructions, and ingredients to include, or it won’t allowing to sell.

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Material Selection

Material Selection

We suggest the perfect packaging material for your box once you select the box style.

Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

Share your artwork & design; if not, we will design it based on your suggestions.

Start Production

Start Production

Once your artwork is approved, we'll begin production. We will support you at every step.

Styles And Materials to Choose From

There are several styles to choose from but primarily used are;

Tuck End 

With simplicity in mind, these are the perfect option to go with. They can offer in any dimensions that you require. None of the other options can compare to the cost-effectiveness of tuck-end boxes.

Regarding construction, they are pre-glued and ready to use at the warehouse. Dust flaps on both ends protect the product from falling out, and a closure flap does the rest.

Tuck Auto-Loick

This particular box style takes the cake in terms of user friendly. The top is similar to a standard tuck box with two dust flaps and a top closure flap. It’s the bottom of the box where things get exciting, and the box locks itself when assembled fully. There are no adhesives to worry about, which is why these are the first choice of major brands all around the globe.

There are two categories depending on the material option;

White Cardboard  

The material most commonly used is white cardboard. It is also referring to  SBS material which stands for Solid Bleached Sulphate. It is a paper board usually classified as the highest-grade printing material available. Preferred mainly because of high-quality print results, these are the first choice of almost all pharmaceutical industries.

Kraft Board (Eco-Friendly)

Kraft boxes are best known for being friendly in nature and being made from recycled materials. They are free from lamination and can print within some limits. Keep in mind that it absorbs ink when printing on kraft, so it is preferring only to use three colours at max.

What We Know So Far

We covered some serious ground by identifying how extensive the pharmaceutical industries are.

Moving on, we uncovered their impact on the global economy and how much waste they produce. Some ideas about how to design modern-day custom box packaging for medicine are in comparison, and the two different types are presenting. Outer packaging made out of cardboard is what we focused on, and we discussed the impacts of eco-friendly options and compared it with white cardboard.

Materials & Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the size and design of the medicine boxes?
    Yes, we offer extensive customization options. You can choose the dimensions, shape, and design to perfectly fit your medicine packaging needs. This includes adding branding elements, dosage information, and other essential details for a personalized and informative look.
  • What materials are commonly used for custom medicine boxes?
    Custom medicine boxes are typically crafted from materials that meet pharmaceutical standards, such as sturdy cardboard. The choice of material ensures the safety, protection, and compliance of the medicine packaging.
  • Are custom medicine boxes compliant with regulatory requirements?
    Yes, custom medicine boxes can be designed to comply with regulatory requirements related to pharmaceutical packaging, including dosage instructions, ingredient information, and safety warnings. It's crucial to work with packaging providers familiar with pharmaceutical packaging regulations.
  • Can custom medicine boxes be used for various types of medicines?
    Yes, custom medicine boxes can be designed to accommodate various forms of medicines, including tablets, capsules, syrups, and more. The boxes can include inserts, dividers, or compartments to organize and protect different types of medicines effectively.


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