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Cigarette Boxes

With a variety of designs and printing options, they are suitable for preserving tobacco's freshness.

Branded Cigarette Packaging and its Impact on Sales

Cigarette boxes have long been targeted for being generic. This is now changing as more and more brands are emerging in the market with the same product. Since competition is rising, every brand wants to be unique and presentable without costing tons of money. One way of doing this is by ordering custom cigarette boxes in bulk. This solves the problem of keeping it cost-effective and having something bespoke to boost brand recognition.

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Key Features of Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

Cardboard material, also called paper board, is the primary source of custom packaging boxes worldwide. Another name for this material is SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate), which is preferred when high-quality image printing is required. Any image or design can print easily without worrying about the result.

➔ Primary reason to choose this material is its capability of manipulating into any shape.

➔ There is a variety of thicknesses available to choose from, and there are practically no limitations to print. Starting from 280 gsm, depending on the dimensions of the box, it can go to as thick as 350 gsm.

➔ Variation of materials like textured board and eco-friendly kraft extends the possibility of being different from the herd.

➔ Printing possibilities are endless regarding cardboard because it has no limitations to printing. Anything can print, from complex multi-color pattern-based designs to high-resolution images. Just make sure that you provide high-resolution editable files to your supplier.

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Material Selection

Material Selection

We suggest the perfect packaging material for your box once you select the box style.

Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

Start Production

Once your artwork is approved, we'll begin production. We will support you at every step.

Understanding Some Key Features of Using Cardboard Material Like

  • Easy to mold them into any shape required using minimum effort has made them the most popular choice. Various thicknesses and textured material options give them an added edge.
  • Preference due to impeccable print results is also a factor in their popularity.
  • Followed by a general idea to help your design perform better in the market. Some Useful tips are including, like custom dimensions and using colors similar to brand design. Briefly discussed add-ons and the overall feel and finish of the box.

How To Make Your Design Stand Out

Including some basic things in your design theme can help you a lot. Understanding this process and its importance is the first step to getting exposure in the market. Let us go ahead and discuss a few facts about creating the ideal box design;

–       Product Dimensions Matter

If you are unsure about the required dimensions of your sleeve cigarette box, you can always provide product dimensions and ask your supplier for appropriate dimensions. In the case of cigarettes, you can tell them how many you need the box to hold, and they will figure out the exact size.

–       Including Brand Colors Is Important

Want your product is recognizing from far away? Studies have shown that brand colors in your packaging can help your customers find you. This is a type of brand boosting with minimal effort.

–       Combining Add-Ons To Enhance Visual Effect

Add-ons are the backbone of premium packaging and can use for design aspects. They start with the most common element, logo and tagline. Most of the time, the add-on gold foiling and silver foiling are trending. The effect creates a shiny brushed metal feel that looks embedded into the box.

–       Overall Feel And Finish Say Everything

There are some finishes available to choose from, but in the case of cardboard boxes, a matte finish is preferred. The reason for choosing a matte finish may best to explain by how they feel in touch. It feels like a smooth, silky surface and leaves a premium impression on the observer.

So Far, We Have Established That

  • Cigarettes are a top-rated product throughout the world. Generic ideas in the past cannot work any longer.
  • The style of the box does not matter, whether it is a sleeve box or any other type, get a custom cigarette box from your nearest packaging supplier according to your requirements.

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