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Watch Boxes

A perfect way to present, display, and store precious watches while keeping their surfaces protected.

What to Look For In Custom Watch Boxes?

Watch boxes have come a long way since their origin. The famous quote “old is gold” may apply to watches, but boxes, not so much. Finding the right option and knowing where to get them are two of the most important factors defining your packaging needs. Before going ahead and discussing the custom watch boxes in detail, let us consider some commonly used box styles.

Why Choose Blue Box Packaging?


Lid-Off Style

Some high-end brands use the lid-off watch box style because they are sustainable and, to some extent, durable compared to others.  

Flip Top or Magnetic Closure Style

 By far one of the most preferred box styles by wristwatch brands. The magnetic closure box is preferred because of its unique over-the-top closure flap. This flap has a magnet embedded at the bottom, and there is another magnet at the base of the box. Closing the box creates a metallic click sound, enhancing its premium feel. 

Drawer Style

 Rarely though, drawer-style boxes are also considered a feasible option because they have sufficient layers to prevent damage inside.

 As far as printing on any of these rigid boxes goes, there are next to zero limitations. You can have complex artwork printed in several colors or print an exclusive Pantone that matches your brand’s color scheme. 

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Material Selection

Material Selection

We suggest the perfect packaging material for your box once you select the box style.

Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

Share your artwork & design; if not, we will design it based on your suggestions.

Start Production

Start Production

Once your artwork is approved, we'll begin production. We will support you at every step.

What Are Inserts? Do You Need Them?

Inserts are items made to hold a product in place. Adding inserts can be tricky if you are ordering for the first time. For reference, ever noticed jewellery boxes with a card-type holder made to fit inside? That is one insert, and there are far too many options.

Coming up to the significant bit, do you need them? If your brand requires a complete unboxing experience delivered to your customer, the answer is yes! An insert to hold the watch and hide the bottom contents will do the trick. Use precise product measurements when consulting your supplier to get the perfect fit.

Importance of Rigid Watch Boxes;

Watches are expensive and fragile products because there is usually a glass front. For fragile or glass products, it is always recommended to add protective padding to protect the watch from damage. Mishandling during postal services is a global problem. To avoid any damage during transit, rigid watch boxes are preferred by almost all major brands. It would be a shame to spend top dollar and still have unsatisfied clients.

Elegant and Unique Watch Boxes

There are over 200+ million colors to choose from when talking about printing. You can have an entire map of a city printed on it or have it plain with add-ons to represent your brand logo. These are some of the benefits of ordering custom rigid boxes. Add a touch of gold or silver foil to win your client forever. Some brands use printing inside and outside of the box to enhance impact.

Because these custom boxes with logo are meant to last long, they are almost always ordered in a rigid style.

The materials available for watch boxes (by default) are white, brown (kraft), and black textured. 

To Sum It Up;

  • There are three styles commonly used to represent watch brands.
  • Most used box style is the magnetic closure box (also known as a top flip box).
  • Brief descriptions about lid-off style, magnetic closure box style, and drawer style boxes. All rigid and made to order.
  • Short description of inserts and their importance. 
  • Finally, the importance of rigid watch boxes, followed by a brief design intro.

Materials & Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are custom watch boxes?
    Custom watch boxes are designed to house and showcase watches. These boxes are tailored to provide secure storage, protection, and an elegant presentation for watches of various styles and brands.
  • What types of watches are suitable for these boxes?
    Custom watch boxes are suitable for a wide range of watches, including wristwatches, pocket watches, and luxury timepieces. They can be customized to accommodate different sizes, styles, and materials of watches.
  • Can I customize the size and design of the watch boxes?
    Absolutely. Custom watch boxes are highly customizable, allowing you to choose the dimensions, shape, and overall design to perfectly fit your watches. You can also add branding elements, logos, and other design features to create a unique and personalized packaging solution.
  • What materials are commonly used for custom-printed watch boxes?
    Custom watch boxes are often crafted from high-quality materials such as leather, rigid, or a combination of materials. The choice of material can be tailored to match the style and value of the watches being packaged.
  • Are customized watch Boxes suitable for both single watches and watch collections?
    Yes, custom watch boxes can be designed for single watches or for entire watch collections. The boxes can include individual compartments, cushions, or trays to showcase and protect each watch, making them versatile for various packaging needs.
  • Can watch boxes be used for promotional purposes?
    Yes, these boxes are an excellent choice for promotional packaging. You can design boxes that reflect your brand's identity, making them ideal for special editions, limited releases, or promotional events.


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