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Hexagon Boxes

A creative shape with six corners that is perfect for a wide range of products.

How Does using a Unique-Shaped Box Improve Sales?

Imagine a shelf in your favorite store stacked with different boxes. Among these colorful boxes is a tall hexagon box with some printing. Out of curiosity, you may check this box off the shelf without knowing what the product is. Picking it up will tell you what it is, and you might buy it.

Why Choose Blue Box Packaging?


Easy To Assemble And Unique In Construction | Cardboard Hexagon Boxes

Are you tired of using the same old cube boxes? Need to create something unique or make your product stand out from the rest? One way of doing that is to use a new concept that every brand is not using globally. Whether they are candle boxes in hexagon shape or any other product boxes, the material of boxes means the structure will have six corners rather than the traditional four corners.

Structural Advantages of Using Hexagon Packaging

The hexagon is a naturally found shape in so many things in our daily life. One small example is the honeycomb bees use to store honey. A closer look will reveal their hexagonal structure to protect invasion from other bugs.

A hexagon tuck box has six sides that can be used for branding. It can easily house round containers and keep them safe from damage without added padding. It does not require any additional glue or assembly at your end since they are pre-glued, ready-to-use boxes. 

Since this box has six sides, it provides a structural advantage over cubes and other shapes.

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Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

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What Style Options Are Available For Hexagons?

Choosing the right style depends on your requirement according to the product. If it is a high-end premium product, you must go with a rigid hexagon lid off box style. The reason to recommend that option is the overall feel a rigid box gives. It isn’t very often that you get to see a hexagon box in a rigid material. As far as rigid material goes, this is the only available option (yet). 

When a cost-effective solution is required, cardboard material is the way to go. The basic material used to produce collapsible hexagon boxes can be related to cardboard. There are two noticeable styles of the hexagon shape: lid-off or two-piece and tuck-style hexagon boxes. The Tuck type option is the most cost-effective way to go.

Using Shape Interactive Designs to Be Noticed

Looking around the web, you may find some brilliant ideas that can go with your cosmetic packaging. Narrow your research down to something that compliments the shape of your custom packaging while keeping it minimal. Since minimalistic designs are the future of branding, something along those lines should do the trick.

If you are unsure of the hexagon dimensions, measure the diameter of your product and go with that. To go along with that, the height of the product will be sufficient to end up with the final product. 

Available Material Options: Collapsible Cardboard or Rigid (Set-Up)

There are so many options to choose from, but we’ll try and keep it simple and easy to understand. Below are some facts to consider before deciding on the material;

  • Know your product value and keep the costs within range. 
  • High-end products require premium packaging, so rigid is their option.
  • Typically, the most affordable custom packaging boxes Australia are required for everyday-use products..
  • Choosing collapsible means having a two-piece style box with a separate lid and bottom (which requires a minor assembly in-house). Or, if you need something more ready-to-use, opt for hexagon tuck boxes since they are pre-glued.

To Sum Up, So Far, We’ve Learned

  • Hexagon packaging is unique based on the shape
  • They have six sides to print and a top and bottom flap.
  • Are available in both collapsible and rigid material options.
  • Two different sides provided structural stability and added room to print.
  • The only style option in rigid material is the lid-off, while cardboard can be used to produce both lid-off and tuck-type collapsible hexagon boxes. 
  • We also established that cardboard material is cost-effective compared to rigid which is used for premium products only.

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