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Telescopic Boxes

Telescoping boxes combine functionality, protection, and aesthetics, making them a great packaging and customer experience choice.

Are Telescoping Boxes Modern-Day Lid and Base Boxes?

Since telescoping boxes follow the same principle as a base and lid off box, they can be related. However, in terms of appearance, they are quite different and should not be mistaken. We’ll discuss the construction of these boxes in detail, along with some uses.

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Essential Construction and Dimensions

Telescoping boxes are somewhat unique from any of their related styles in the sense of appearance and construction. Looking at a standard lid-off box, we can see that it has a top and a bottom that meet in the middle. Pretty basic and easy to create. These boxes are still widely used but primarily as pre-made boxes.

They stand a mile from their ancestors when talking about custom-made packaging. One of the significant upgrades in terms of construction can be seen in the lid of these rigid boxes. As compared to a standard two-piece, telescopic boxes cover the base of the box almost entirely. As per requirement, a small space may be left at the bottom. 

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The More You Know About Telescopic Boxes Helps to Improve Market Presence

Dimensions are up to you to decide since these telescopic boxes are usually not available as a pre-made option. All you have to do is provide the dimensions of your product in the format length x width x height.

Rigid telescopic boxes are only made using rigid stock, so they are naturally shipped, assembled, and ready to use. Considering that these boxes have doubled walls all around, they exhibit a pretty solid structure.

Telescoping boxes take the gold in sturdiness compared to a standard lid-off box. Falling under the category of premium packaging, they sure have a heavy price tag. However, the build quality and premium finish are worth the extra amount.

Add-Ons With Creative Designs Win Clients

Talking about design and printing, there are no limitations to what can and cannot be printed on the boxes. There is also no restriction on which part of the box can be printed. The default color of the box is either white or brown (kraft).

Add-ons are added special effects that enhance the overall appearance of the product packaging boxes. These can range from metallic finish designs (foiling or hot stamping) to invisible patterns around the packaging (spot UV). However, you should be careful not to overdo the add-ons because they might look overkill. Then there are inserts to hold the product in place during transit. They come in cardboard, rigid, and foam materials. You can choose as per your product requirement. You can store and organize your precious accessories in stylish and practical ways with telescopic-style jewelry boxes.

Advantages of Using Telescoping Boxes For Premium Products

Well, they are very secure, that is for sure! However, that is not all.

Despite being sturdy, they also have some other advantages that we’ll go through briefly.

  • You can guarantee that whatever goes inside these boxes will be safe from damage during transit. 
  • The style is still emerging, so your product is guaranteed to stand out.
  • Add style to your premium packaging by using watch telescopic boxes in as many colors as your brand needs.
  • Adds an exotic feel and finish to your product, making it genuinely premium.
  • Can’t find the right fit? Need something different? Get your custom telescoping box the way you want.

Presenting your product in something like telescoping boxes will raise the bar for any competition. If you think about it, the first thing your client interacts with is not your product but the outer packaging. With our custom boxes in Australia, we offer the perfect packaging solution for individuals and businesses alike.

To Sum Up Telescoping Boxes

  • Can be known as the modern-day lid and base type boxes but are very sleek and durable.
  • A depth review of construction and durability was conducted.
  • Designs can leave an impression to last – know how to make it work.
  • Print complex artwork, but don’t make it look like overkill.
  • Available add-ons like foiling, spot UV, and inserts.

Materials & Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are custom telescoping boxes?
    Custom telescoping boxes are innovative packaging solutions designed with a distinctive two-piece structure – a base and a lid – that slide into each other to create a telescopic effect. This design allows for a secure and snug fit around the enclosed product, offering protection and a visually appealing presentation. The customization aspect of these boxes is a key feature, enabling businesses to tailor the dimensions, shape, and materials to meet the specific requirements of their products.
  • What types of products are suitable for telescoping boxes?
    Telescoping boxes are suitable for a wide range of products, especially those with varying dimensions. They are commonly used for electronics, tools, promotional items, and other goods that require adaptable and secure packaging.
  • Can I customize the size and shape of my custom printed telescoping Boxes?
    Yes, custom telescoping boxes are highly customizable. You can tailor the dimensions, number of sections, and overall shape to ensure a perfect fit for your specific product. This customization makes them suitable for diverse packaging needs.
  • What materials are available for telescoping Boxes?
    Our telescoping boxes can be crafted from various materials, including cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and rigid. The choice of material depends on factors such as the weight and nature of the product being packaged, as well as the desired level of durability.
  • Can telescoping Boxes be printed with custom designs and branding?
    Absolutely. Telescoping boxes provide ample space for customization, including printing logos, product information, and other branding elements. This allows businesses to create packaging that aligns with their brand identity and attracts customers.


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