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CBD Boxes

These sturdy boxes are ideal for promoting CBD products and keeping them fresh for a long time.

Find Creative Design and Packaging Ideas for Your CBD Products

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. CBD boxes tailoring with professional design and combining with elegant styles to make them stand out. Finding the right design is impossible for new brands, and that is where custom CBD boxes come in. If you can’t find your desired design and box type, you can get custom-made boxes per your product dimensions. We’ll get right into the custom CBD packaging but first, let’s look at some hot-selling products.

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Top-Selling CBD Products and the Packaging they Come in

Flower And The Tuck Box Family

The rawest and most potent part of the plant is CBD extracting the form of the flower. It usually processes and then distribute for sale. However, even in its raw form, it is packed in the famous tuck-type boxes.

This particular box type is preferred due to its effective manufacturing costs. The only catch with it is to order in bulk, which isn’t a problem given the rapid increase in demand.

Pre-Rolls And Cigarette Boxes

Pre-rolls are coming in very fast and are one of the most popular products in the CBD industry. Since it is legal, brands are striving to create elegant designs to go on custom product boxes. From black background coupled with gold foiling to a silver metallic print on a burgundy pattern, the design takes to a new level.

Made-to-order cigarette packaging is usually made of cardboard material because it is easy to fold and is one of the most cost-effective options.

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Material Selection

Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

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Premium Category Products; Oil Extracts

When discussing CBD oil extracts, variety should always be considered. Since several different concentrations are available, there is a need for added designs to differentiate among them. CBD oils are usually packaged in a tuck-auto lockbox because they are easy to use and cost-effective to print. All you have to do to get the box going is pop it into shape and put the product contained inside.

Chewable And Stylish Drawer Packaging; The Perfect Match

Chewable is considered the most potent processed product available in the market. This means that the competition for it is also fierce. Design ideas go a long way if treated with suitable packaging. Colorful designs printed on custom display boxes can leave an impression made to last.

These boxes are trending due to their opening mechanism and room available for chewable products inside. It also provides sufficient room for any design ideas that require additional room for printing.

Moving toward the end, we must discuss the role bespoke cardboard packaging plays in brand recognition. When going to a supermarket or store for groceries, you see these colorful boxes arranged on countertops and feel the urge to buy.

What if we tell you that this marketing stunt is used to attract attention from far away? Yes, that is true, and it has successfully attracted new customers. Symbols and add-ons are selected to form something that screams creativity. This is the kind of packaging that will help your brand reach the right kind of audience.

What We Know So Far

  • Some popular products made using CBD extracts were discussed.
  • The preferred kind of CBD packaging was considered and explained.
  • Some products and their bespoke packaging were taken into consideration for reference.
  • The need for cardboard boxes and their importance in the CBD industry is also taken into consideration by many brands.

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