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Holographic Boxes

Featuring an eye-catching prismatic effect, this box creates an amazing visual impact.

What’s New In Cardboard Packaging? Read On To Find Out

Packaging significantly impacts your brand representation because it is the first thing your client notices. When talking about modern design, Cardboard holographic boxes take the gold. A handful of printing companies can create or print holographic designs.

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Holographic Effects can Shine from a Mile Away

Creating something trendy can only work if you know what you need. Sometimes, you can do everything right, but the message is still not conveyed. The same is the case with holographic box styles, and there are some limitations to them. We immediately notice a couple of things if we talk about the overall feel of holographic stock or material.

  • It has a pattern-like finish, almost like sanded paper. It feels great to the touch and is barely visible to the naked eye.
  • It can be presented as a semi-gloss finish with a textured finish.
  • Several colors are flashing by default on the surface of the material.
  • It gives off different colors under different lights, which can add the element of mystery.
  • Can use to create several box styles like tuck end, tray, sleeve, etc.
  • Dimensions are to be provided at your end, so any size is possible.
  • Most designs can pull off using holographic stock.
  • There are a few thicknesses available to choose from.

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Material Selection

Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

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Industries that Use Holographic Boxes Look Futuristic

Creating a box using holographic stock makes it look like something from cyberpunk. Some common industries use the following material for their product packaging.

Fashion Industry

Holographic gives off the vibe of being something fashionable and dramatic. Famous for attracting customers from far away, these boxes glimmer like diamonds. Numerous holographic box styles, like pillow boxes, are trending in the fashion industry. Anything that says fashion can be stored within these boxes, from tops to jewelry.

CBD Edibles

Usually, CBD boxes and edibles come in tray and sleeve-type boxes. They are sometimes also using holographic material and turn some heads on countertops. The designs on some of these boxes are incredible and serve the purpose of leaving an impression well.

Launch Events & Parties

Whether they are using it for brand promotion or passing out gifts, there is practically no limit to how this material box can improve brand presentation. Just give it a purpose, and it will serve you well. Never underestimate the delivery power of a shiny object, as they can subconsciously attract someone towards them.

Creating Opportunities For Brand Recognition Using Packaging

Some prevalent styles are used in collaboration with holographic material to create holographic boxes. Although there are no limitations to the thicknesses available, it is recommended to use something according to product weight. If you feel like your product weight is too much, opt for thicker material.

You can also always consult your holographic packaging supplier for better options for holographic. You must ensure which color scheme is printed because only dark colors appear well with them. The need for custom holographic boxes is rising, and not everyone is up for the task.

Tuck-top boxes are one of the most common styles because of their cost-effectiveness. When produced in bulk, these boxes can cost less than a dollar and blend in with your brand detail.

What We’ve Learned So Far

The number of materials available to create custom boxes with logo is increasing dramatically. Some of these materials are very rare to source, and holographic is one of them. Understanding what holographic material is and how to use it can be confusing. Most box styles available for cardboard can be created with holographic stock. They appear to have a pattern textured into the material and give off a reflective rainbow effect under light. Even though there are several industries that prefer custom holographic packaging, only a few were discussed here.

Materials & Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the size and design of custom holographic boxes?
    Yes, we offer extensive customization options. You can choose the dimensions, shape, and design to perfectly fit your product packaging needs. This includes adding branding elements, logos, and other design features to complement the holographic effects.
  • Are holographic boxes suitable for various product types and sizes?
    Yes, custom holographic boxes can be designed to accommodate various product types and sizes. The holographic effects can enhance the packaging for a wide range of products, from cosmetics and electronics to gifts and promotional items.
  • Can custom holographic boxes be used for promotional purposes?
    Yes, holographic boxes are an excellent choice for promotional packaging. The holographic effects can be leveraged to create eye-catching designs that stand out on store shelves, making them ideal for limited editions, special promotions, or new product launches.
  • Are custom holographic boxes suitable for retail displays?
    Absolutely. custom holographic boxes can be designed not only for protection during transportation but also for attractive retail displays. The holographic effects enhance the visual appeal of your products on store shelves, contributing to a positive retail experience for customers.


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