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Terms and Conditions

Here mentioned terms and conditions are accepted and agreed by the user when using this website. Blue Box Packaging reserves the right to modify, null or void these terms without prior notification. We recommend going through this page occasionally as it is always being updated as per standard. All materials, content displayed on the website and any design and graphics work is property of Blue Box Packaging PTY Ltd unless otherwise stated. Blue Box Packaging PTY Ltd sources all materials in raw form and therefore owns the finished product. It can be distributed as a sample to a potential client or presented at a showcase exhibit if Blue Box Packaging PTY Ltd wills it so.


You agree to have understood that using our website means you are aware that all the content in any medium featured anywhere on the website including writing, graphics of any sort, any apps or softwares, images, videos, sounds and any other form of data (including maps, numbers and templates) is the sole property of Blue Box Packaging PTY Ltd and will be referred to as “Our Website Content”. If an attempt to modify, update, copy, store, republish, distribute or transmit the content was made in any way, there will be legal action. Please be advised that without a written legal permission from the owners, you cannot modify or attempt to modify anything in your findings.


Any material submitted as content via forms on our website, chat platform or on any other communication medium such as calls will be the responsibility of the user uploading it. Content stands for any file, picture, music, video or any data in general. Sharing, uploading, publicity or distribution of said content is the user’s responsibility. You agree that any material referring to data in written form, image/picture form, trademark, design, graphics or any copyrighted work that you include has already been authorised by the party owning it. Users also agree to never upload, share, publicise or otherwise broadcast any and all content that may have a negative impact on our website. This includes any content that is unpleasant in any way, obstructive or otherwise end up infringing property rights of Blue Box Packaging.
Content shared with Blue Box Packaging is not under the website’s control and cannot be assured in terms of decency, morality or validity of the material shared or uploaded in any way using any of the platforms meant for assisting users or otherwise.
Blue Box Packaging can and will remove any content that it may find offensive, indecent, vulgar or in any way demoralising towards anyone. It is not the duty or implied in any way that Blue Box Packaging will take down content which may violate any terms and conditions or may be thought as illegal or objectionable. Blue Box Packaging holds all rights to keep any content that needs to be hidden so and may choose to reveal it in the following cases
  • Obligated By Judicial Purpose
  • Using Or Applying Terms Of Service
  • Wrongly asserting web content disobeys third party right
  • Attempts to or keeps the rights, value for goods or safety of “ our website” and its users
Ensuring that the ordered goods are well received, all users must provide accurate information. Our website is not designed for automation or automated user conduct in any way. Violating or attempting to violate any terms of service mentioned will be treated as an illegal act and will be subject to legal action by Blue Box Packaging.
By using the website, and placing an order, you assure that you have authority and permission to do so. This authorises Blue Box Packaging to proceed with creating unique products on your behalf. You confirm that you are of sufficient age to order and carry on with judicial proceedings (if any) while using the website.
Using the website also implies automatically that you consent and accept the privacy policy of Blue Box Packaging. Furthermore, it also confirms that you have completely understood and agree to the terms set forth including but not limited to the use of personal and business information as mentioned in the privacy policy of Blue Box Packaging.


Considering that all orders are always made from ground zero, all payments (once made) are final and non-refundable. Under the circumstances of us admitting to being wrong, a full reprint may or may not be offered. Store credit is not offered under normal circumstances however this may or may not change in the future.
If there is any issue discovered with your order, please make sure that you inform someone in the company within three working days (once you receive the order). If there is an error or mistake of any kind in printing, Blue Box Packaging will reprint the entire order. The payment will not be refunded under any circumstances as mentioned repeatedly earlier. In order for us to get started on the reprint, the user has to send back the faulty packaging at their own expense to the facility it was shipped from. Any charges that were adhered to your total bill as part of rush charges are absolutely non-refundable.


All pricing is provided in AUD and this is the acceptable currency at Blue Box Packaging. Once the total order amount due is paid (including postage charges if any, and any taxes) our teams get working on your order.
Once the order is paid for, the design phase may or may not initiate and all payments must be finalised before heading over to the design team. A form with the final design and specifications of your products listed will be sent over to you via email for approval. CHECK AND RE-CHECK these files prior to approving because once approved, there is no turning back, not without a penalty at least. When the task is moved to the production queue, there is no turning back. If applicable, you can cancel the order within a limited time of 4 hours after approval. This will cost you around $75 AUD and 12% of the total order amount. If 24 or more than 24 hours have passed, the refund will cost you 50% of the total order amount. This barely covers the cost of wasting company time and resources – It is also worth mentioning that there is no solid guarantee of you being able to cancel after 24 hours and this is totally the call of the company.


The actual countdown to production begins after the order has been paid for in full, followed by final approval on design files. Only when and after you’ve approved the files, they are sent to the production team and the actual production timeline begins. The artwork file is always sent to you for approval and there is no way around it. There are a few timelines offered for you to choose from – Production days are mentioned in all timelines and are working days. Blue Box Packaging and all its employees try their best to ensure delivery on time. It is worth mentioning here that the company is not responsible for delays caused by natural disasters, hurdles with the courier service or customs because it is out of the company’s hands. Standard turnaround times range from 10 – 12 business days for printing and shipping the boxes.
An expedited process takes about 6 – 8 business days to print and 2 – 3 days for ground shipping. If a problem is discovered with the printing, and it was the company’s fault, you are entitled to a reprint given that the faulty packaging is sent back to the original production facility your packaging came from (this will be done out of your own pocket). We offer free doorstep delivery at one spot, however, if you require multi-location drop-off, there will be an additional charge for it. In case of wrong delivery (mistake at your end when providing address), we can have them re-routed but there will be an additional charge for shipping and handling for the second time.


In no way will Blue Box Packaging take any responsibility or can be held responsible if there are errors such as;
Graphics, Punctuation Marks (missing or otherwise)
Errors in dielines, crop marks or cracks in cardboard
OverPrinting and Anything Related to That
Any difference in finished product dimensions.

We (Blue Box Packaging), any of our suppliers, vendors, employees and staff related to production and shipping or any related employees either directly or indirectly cannot be held liable for any damage, accidental or otherwise. All categories falling under damage of any kind including loss of data, income or revenue are not the fault of anyone listed as an employee or staff of Blue Box Packaging. Any damage caused by website performance or failure to deliver the products or services that you may order or have ordered from Blue Box Packaging or any of its affiliates. Failure caused by any number of reasons like (but not limited to) ordering against agent advise, failing to laminate, damage caused by human error, pandemic, weather delays or delays due to disruption of services and any other unforeseen drastic scenarios can be related to Blue Box Packaging as these circumstances are not under our control. Blue Box Packaging will not be held responsible for misconduct or incorrect use of the website on the user end.


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