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Pillow Boxes

This pillow-shaped box is a perfect choice for small-size products, looking stylish and functional.

Bored Of Cube and Rectangle Packaging? We Have a Solution!

Creative designs are taking over the packaging world, and we must adapt to survive. Pillow boxes are designed to mimic a pillow shape, and that is where the name comes from.

Why Choose Blue Box Packaging?


Design Goes A Long Way With Pillow Packaging

How design helps with branding can answer in a single sentence; A picture is worth a thousand words. The same principle applies to designing a box and, in this case, a pillow box.

To get you started, the first thing required is the box size. In this case, you provide the length x width, and the perfect depth is worked out by the suppliers in-house.

Some Popular Industries and Products Using Pillow Style Boxes

You may have seen the very famous soap “Imperial Leather” and noticed how well they are presenting to their customers. This is a perfect example of the packaging style in question. This gives us the soap industry to talk about, and it is ingenious!

Using minimal material, they are perfect for products that require one-time packaging, like soap. Based on studies, tons of soap are in use worldwide every day. Which means tons more packaging if not done right. 

Custom jewellery boxes can also be made in shape of pillow. Also, from masks to scrubs, the product list goes on and on. Another example would be hair extensions which also fall under beauty and cosmetics. They require minimal space and so widely choose to go with pillow packaging boxes. 

- Get Started

With just a few Steps, design your own boxes!

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Material Selection

Material Selection

We suggest the perfect packaging material for your box once you select the box style.

Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

Share your artwork & design; if not, we will design it based on your suggestions.

Start Production

Start Production

Once your artwork is approved, we'll begin production. We will support you at every step.

Material And Color Printing Options to Choose From

Starting with the primary preference of most brands, white cardboard is very popular. It has several different variations of thicknesses to choose from. Depending on the dimensions of the box, it is usually preferred to stay under 350 gsm. This is usually because the cardboard may crack under its pressure.

If you consider rebranding using a different theme, kraft boxes are worth a look. Known for being manufactured from recycled material, kraft material is the future of packaging solutions. It can recycle back into nature or use repeatedly for different purposes again and again. Though it helps in saving the planet, it has some printing limitations. It is not recommended to print more than three solid colors.

Add-Ons and Embellishments Enhance Impression

A wide variety of add-ons are available to choose from; however, some commonly used are;

Foiling (Hot Stamping) is a process where an impression is made over a specific point. It stands out because the impression is brushed metal and comes in exciting colors. Available in silver, black, gold, and many more colors. 

The second position goes to a process called spot UV. Brands and customers love this process because it makes the design pop. An invisible layer goes over any specific region, making it stand out from the rest silky finish.

To Sum it Up

This is the way to go if you are looking for a head-turner style. With custom pillow boxes, you are in control of everything. Depending on the industry in which you are representing, you choose dimensions, colour, and material. Some famous industries, like cosmetics and soap, use custom printed packaging in the same category. Available in white cardboard with unlimited printing options and kraft material with limited printing options. Some pre-recommended material thicknesses to choose from depending on the dimensions of the box. Essential and most used add-ons, including foiling and spot UV, are widely popular with branded pillow boxes.

Materials & Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose custom pillow boxes?
    Custom pillow boxes offer a distinctive and eye-catching packaging solution. They are not only visually appealing but also provide a convenient and elegant way to present gifts or products.
  • Can pillow boxes be used for retail packaging?
    Yes, pillow boxes are often used for retail packaging, especially for small items like jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories. Their unique shape and customizable design make them an attractive option for enhancing product presentation.
  • How durable are custom pillow boxes?
    The durability of custom pillow boxes depends on the material used in their construction. Typically, they are made from sturdy materials like cardboard or kraft paper, ensuring durability while also being lightweight.
  • Are custom pillow boxes eco-friendly?
    Yes, many custom pillow box options are available in eco-friendly materials such as recycled cardboard or kraft paper. You can choose sustainable packaging options to align with environmental values.
  • Can I order custom pillow boxes in different sizes?
    Yes, custom pillow boxes are highly versatile and can be ordered in various sizes to accommodate different products. Work with your packaging provider to determine the ideal size for your specific needs.
  • Can I use custom pillow boxes for wedding favors or gift packaging?
    Absolutely! Custom pillow boxes are popular for wedding favors, gift packaging, and promotional giveaways. Their unique shape adds a touch of elegance, and customization allows you to align the packaging with the theme or purpose of the event.


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