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Rigid Boxes

Perfect choice for deluxe products to create a luxurious look, made from thick durable chipboard.

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What are Rigid Boxes and Why They Are Trending?

Let’s begin with the very start of what is a rigid material and then proceed toward rigid boxes. To understand rigid material, we first need to define paper boards and how they are used in modern industry. Rigid material exists when multiple sheets of paper or bux board are glued or pasted together. This process is repeated until desired thickness is achieved. Some famous types of luxury rigid boxes are;

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– Lid-Off Boxes

These boxes have a separate base and top and are shipped assembled. Usually are trending for ornaments, jewelry, etc.

– Magnetic Closure Boxes

Magnetic closure boxes are the fastest emerging option in the market today. Most brands are already using them in industries like clothing and software etc.

– Two Piece Boxes

Following the same concept as lid-off boxes, these have separate tops and bottoms. Two-piece boxes are introduced in several shapes and sizes.

– Drawer Style (Matchbox Style)

Drawer-style boxes are similar to matchboxes with one difference. The drawer-style boxes are one-sided openings only, and the drawer usually has a ribbon.

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With just a few Steps, design your own boxes!

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Material Selection

Material Selection

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Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

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Why Choose Custom Rigid Boxes?

There are several reasons to choose custom rigid boxes, starting from sustainability. these custom boxes are getting popular because of their durability and premium feel. To put it in words, these are similar in material to iPhone boxes and can withstand damage from shipping.

Endless Options to Choose From;

Since there are so many styles to choose from, you can opt according to your needs. It can design and manufacture from scratch if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Print & Design Your Rigid Packaging;

With practically no limit to printing colors and designs, there isn’t much that cannot print on them. If you can’t get your own designer, ask your supplier, as they may have a team.

The All-In-One Solution For Any Product

Since rigid boxes are part of the premium category, they are sometimes not favorable for everyday product use. This does not mean they are not suitable. Rigid is the way to go if you are looking for luxury packaging that represents a premium feel and is sturdy enough to ship directly. If your brand is still in the emerging phase and price is a factor, there are other ways to go, like the collapsible magnetic closure box.

Sturdy and Funky? Who Thought That Was Possible?

Rigid boxes are the sturdiest packaging of them all because it starts at 800 gsm going all the way up to 2000 gsm. Consider a flip-top magnetic box with a double side print representing a colorful brand. A splash of colors on the inside and outside will do the job.

What We’ve Learned - The Short Version

So far, we’ve established that rigid boxes are;

  • Sturdy & sustainable
  • Printing options are unlimited
  • Have multiple styles
  • Partially eco-friendly
  • Can be shipped directly.

We use custom rigid boxes when there is a requirement for premium packaging or sustainable packaging but not exclusively. We also know that if you can’t find what you need, a custom variation can also be available. You must provide the supplier with the measurements in the format length x width x height. The available material options range from 800 gsm to 2000 gsm; the more material used, the higher the cost will be. Some common industries that use jewelry rigid boxes, ornaments, watches, and many others. Going through this summary, we hope you know very well about rigid box packaging. Some common styles within the rigid category were also reviewed. Namely, telescopic boxes, lid-off boxes (separate top and bottom), magnetic closure (one piece with a flip top), and drawer style, somewhat similar to a matchbox but sturdier and fancier.

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