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Kraft Boxes

A competitive price, eco-friendly nature, and recycled materials make it a great choice.

Saving the Planet Using Eco-Friendly Packaging

Understanding the importance of using environmentally friendly kraft boxes are step one in making a difference. Custom kraft boxes are one example of sustainable packaging created from recycled materials and can be recycled after use. Before going ahead and discussing them in detail, let us try and understand what exactly kraft material is.

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Kraft Material, Structure, and Appearance

To put it in simple words, kraft material is created out of recycled paper. It is a natural brown, rugged-looking material that gives off a textured feel to the touch. Even though it has some limitations, like printing a complete color design, it also has some edge. Being available in three different thicknesses allows the user to have something created according to requirement.

Variety of Styles available in Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes

Since the material is similar to cardboard boxes as far as structure goes, the choice in style is almost the same. Any box style that can be created using cardboard can be created using kraft. Some famous styles in the kraft category are discussed below;

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Tuck Style Boxes

Tuck Style custom kraft boxes are by far the most preferred option by many brands. These high-in-demand boxes have a reason for their popularity, which is cost-effectiveness. From cosmetic products having a “natural” theme to CBD brands promoting to help the environment. All follow a single cause, which is saving the planet.

Tray and Sleeve Style

These sleeve boxes have an overlapping slidable sleeve that reveals the tray containing the product. Used for several products in many industries, this particular box style is one of the best options in terms of style.

Hexagon Tuck Boxes

Since hexagon Kraft tuck boxes are made of foldable materials, they can also be made out of kraft. Some brands use them to store candles, while some use them to house cosmetics. Depending on your requirement, let your supplier know the dimensions in the format diameter x height to get moving.

Bakery Style Boxes

One of the most appropriate options for kraft boxes is the bakery-style product packaging we see around us. Usually, bakery boxes don’t use complex branding, so kraft suits them.

Custom Kraft Boxes Are The Future Of Packaging

Whether or not we are ready to accept this, kraft packaging is the future of all major brands. Everyone wants a piece of this, from organic and home-based products to high-end corporations. Though print has limitations, it is still preferred due to the bigger picture of saving the planet. With so many popular brands already moving to kraft, the competition will soon be fierce and out of control.

The Need For Kraft Packaging Boxes Explained

According to recent studies, we have damaged our planet beyond the point of total repair. If we still lack the will to save the earth, we will never be able to repair the damage solely we are responsible for. By the time we realize it, it might already be too late. Since kraft is created using recycled materials, it can easily be recycled back into nature.

Limitations to Kraft Material

There are a few limitations to kraft material, but that is only because keeping it eco-friendly requires some sacrifices. Due to the rugged and textured finish of the material, it cannot be appropriately laminated and is not recommended.

Printing a full-color design on kraft is also not recommended because the material tends to absorb ink. Only solid-color, not-so-complex designs are approved for printing as they go through careful inspections. Special inks are used to create designs preferred to be three colors at max.

To Sum It Up

Kraft material can be called recycled natural brown paper board ideal for custom packaging. They come in various shapes, making them acceptable for several products. Since kraft packaging is the only way of saving our planet, the sooner you switch, the more chances of saving our planet exist. There are some printing limitations to kraft since it absorbs ink. This means printing a full-color design is not preferred.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are custom kraft boxes?
    Custom kraft boxes are packaging solutions crafted from Kraft paper, a durable and eco-friendly material. These boxes can be personalized in terms of size, design, and branding, offering a versatile and environmentally conscious packaging option.
  • Can I customize the size and design of custom kraft boxes?
    We offer extensive customization options. You can choose the dimensions, shape, and design to perfectly fit your product packaging needs. This includes adding branding elements, logos, and other design features for a personalized and natural look.
  • What products are suitable for these kraft boxes?
    Custom kraft boxes are versatile and suitable for a wide range of products, including food items, cosmetics, candles, soap, clothing, and more. The natural and rustic appearance of Kraft paper complements various product types.
  • Are kraft boxes environmentally friendly?
    Yes, Kraft paper is known for its eco-friendly properties. It is biodegradable, recyclable, and made from sustainable sources. Choosing custom kraft boxes aligns with environmentally conscious packaging practices.
  • Can Custom Kraft Boxes be used for promotional purposes?
    Certainly. Custom Kraft boxes can be designed for promotional packaging. You can incorporate branding elements, eco-friendly messages, or special designs to promote your brand values and products effectively.
  • Can I add printing and branding to my custom kraft boxes?
    Yes, your kraft boxes can be printed with your brand logo, product information, and other design elements. .


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