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Cardboard Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes promote brand recognition and engagement by printing a logo, product information, and promotional message.

Importance of Cardboard Boxes in The Packaging World

In simple terms, cardboard boxes are the backbone of the entire packaging industry. Every product ever produced to be used as part of packaging involves using cardboard as a material or cardboard boxes altogether.

Why Choose Blue Box Packaging?


How to Benefit from Cardboard Packaging?

The answer to these questions can be straightforward if you ask the correct entity. Cardboard packaging is preferring due to the following reasons;

Flexibility regarding Box Style

Cardboard can shape into many different styles depending on your requirement. These are the most used packaging boxes because there are some box styles to choose from.

No Limitations Concerning Printing

Practically speaking, many design options exist today, and a cardboard box can cater to them all with ease. Print anywhere on the boxes, including the insides, regardless of the box style.

Cost Effective Option

Out of all the boxes, cardboard boxes are one of the most cost-effective options. Ordering in bulk may seem like taking a big step. However, it affects the price per unit. As the quantities go up, the price per unit drops, which is the formula for cost-effective custom product packaging.

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Material Selection

Material Selection

We suggest the perfect packaging material for your box once you select the box style.

Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

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Start Production

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Multiple Thicknesses to Suit Your Needs

Starting from the beginning, cardboard is measured in gsm (grams per square meter) and starts at 280 gsm. Based on the requirement, it goes all the way up to 700 gsm. We must mention here that using thick material for smaller boxes may cause structural damage. Always ask your supplier if your provided specifications are good enough.

Custom cardboard packaging is trending for several reasons, but the best reason to use them is effectiveness. Creating them from scratch may be one of their most brief processes. Additionally, cardboard is very readily available and keeps turnaround times sharp.

Almost all available add-ons can embellish on custom cardboard boxes; however, some can’t use on kraft board. The same goes for textured cardboard because the rugged surface prevents precision print and impressions.

Variation of Material Options

Cardboard is usually describing to as anything that can fold into a carton. To some extent, this may be true. However, a lot is going on under the radar. There is;

–       SBS white cardboard

The material referring here is the most common. From cosmetic boxes to software boxes, all introduced from white cardboard.

–       Kraft brown cardboard

The king in eco-friendly material – Created from recycled material and recyclable after use, this material takes the crown in saving our environment.

–       Textured Cardboard Material

Textured cardboard material is the outreach of standard cardboard options. The cards available here are subject to availability so make sure the material you order is available in stock.


Are Cardboard Boxes Sturdy Enough to Post?

To answer this question, we need to go a little in-depth. Display boxes are somewhat sturdy, but we are not recommending them to use in shipping, at least not directly. If they need to be posted, they will have to be in another, preferably corrugated box.

Revisiting What We Discussed So Far

  1. They conclude that cardboard boxes are the backbone of the packaging industry.
  2. As far as material is in concern anything can create by using cardboard material.
  3. Reasons for choosing cardboard as the primary material for box construction.
  4. Different types of materials are within the cardboard category.
  5. Should they be posted directly or not was also discussed at the end, concluding they should always be posted in special postage boxes.

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